Confessions of a Guerrilla Writer:
Adventures in the Jungles of Crime, Politics, and Journalism
By Dan E. Moldea
Contents (2nd Edition)
PREFACE: On taking it
PROLOGUE: Chasing a ghost
PART ONE: Entering the fray
1. Kent State
2. Surviving the revolution
3. Into the real world
4. Running for office
5. On selling out
6. Becoming a writer
7. Set up in Chicago
8. Jimmy Hoffa disappears
9. At the Red Fox
10. The goon squad
11. The Local 299 violence
12. Manitoulin Island
13. A guerrilla writer in New York
14. The man in the black Cadillac
PART TWO: The Teamsters & the Mafia
15. Dealing with the FBI
16. Back to Detroit
17. The Hoffa Reward Fund
18. A surprise witness at the grand jury
19. The payoff man
20. Brother in The Bond
21. Confronting McMaster
22. “Jimmy ran off to Brazil with a black go-go dancer”
23. Calling Sally Bugs at Local 560
24. My lunch with Hoffa's alleged killers
25. Death threat
26. The contract
27. To Washington, D.C.
PART THREE: Hoffa, Marcello & Trafficante
28. “Who is Frank Sheeran?”
29. "To do two things at once is to do neither"
30. The Hoffex Memo
31. The killing of the President
32. “I think my dad knew Jack Ruby”
33. Findings
34. Brill and S & S get tough
35. Briguglio and I get whacked
36. Paddington to the rescue
37. The New York Times creates me
38. Yes, we have no Central Sanitation
39. The U.S. House Assassinations Committee
40. Helping TDU and PROD make peace
41. “The mob did it. It’s a historical fact.”
42. The Paddington bankruptcy
43. Fear causes indecision
PART FOUR: Ronald Reagan & MCA
44. Reagan courting Teamsters
45. The Institute for Policy Studies
46. The CIA and the Mafia again?
47. Writers' rights
48. The American Writers Congress
49. The Milo murder
50. Paying respects
51. Subpoenaed
52. Going back East
53. The Wall Street Journal settles
54. Reagan and the Hollywood Mafia
55. Finding gold in Los Angeles
56. William Morris Agency, Viking Press
57. Korshak gets a pass
58. Political isolation
59. Bad timing
60. Trouble with the New York Times
PART FIVE: The NFL & the Mafia
61. The Frontline broadcast
62. Investigating professional football
63. Game-fixing in the NFL
64. Rosenbloom was not murdered
65. Predicting the media's reaction
66. Pre-publication
67. "A troublesome book"
68. Looking for fights
69. Debating an empty chair
70. A secret meeting in Las Vegas
71. "We have to destroy you now"
72. A sudden problem
73. The review in the New York Times
74. Pigs and sausages
75. Combat on Nightline
76. A game of chicken
77. “I’ll give you a good fight!”
PART SIX: Moldea v. New York Times
78. At war with the New York Times
79. Joe Browne and Gerald Eskenazi
80. Cooke v. Washingtonian
81. A slow judge makes a fast decision
82. The U.S. Court of Appeals
83. “Reversed and remanded”
84. “Beyond a Bad Review”
85. Kenneth Starr and The World Amicus
86. An unprecedented reversal: Moldea II
87. The Simmons-Starr debate
88. The Supreme Court says "no"
89. Alien Ink
90. The Washington Post and the FBI informant
91. An appearance of conspiracy
92. Releasing the LAPD's files
93. Interviewing the cops
94. The suicide of Greg Stone
95. Back in the game
96. Getting to Sirhan
97. Doubts
98. Confronting Sirhan
99. When wisdom comes late
100. Bad photograph, great review
101. Old problems become a new reality
102. The O. J. Simpson case
103. Working with Lange and Vannatter
104. Mark Fuhrman's lies and delusions
105. Back on the defensive
PART EIGHT: The road to impeachment
106. From Fuhrman to Foster
107. The odd couple
108. Help from an unexpected source
109. The Foster crime scene
110. Creating a political firestorm
111. Regnery's pro-Clinton book
112. The Lewinsky scandal
113. The OIC leaks
114. Openly taking sides
115. The secret tapes
116. Heresy
PART NINE: The Flynt Project
117. Exposing hypocrisy
118. Trying to remove the President
119. I become Larry Flynt's investigator
120. Targeting Clinton's critics
121. The Flynt team's first meeting
122. Going after the House Speaker
123. The bombshell
124. Livingston resigns
125. At play in the fields of scandal
126. “The rule of law”
127. Abortion and aftermath
128. Geraldo sandbags Flynt
129. Barr overplays his hand
130. "Who got Bob Livingston?"
131. Newsweek outs me
132. The right-wing media reacts
133. Flynt nearly dies
134. The Byrd resolution
135. Light my fire
PART TEN: Intermezzo
136. Buried alive by the Jello Left
137. Collateral damage
138. Caucus of One
139. When I’m 64
140. Cowboy and Lightfoot
141. “Are you two working together?”
142. “So tell me about David Vitter”
143. Morals of a Muckraker
144. “Are you okay?”
145. Suicide before prison
146. Opposition research
PART TWELVE: Hoffa redux
147. Frank Sheeran’s conflicting confessions
148. Not a distinction without a difference
149. “They’re digging at a farm in Wixom”
150. “It’s going to be a great day tomorrow”
EPILOGUE: So far . . .
AFTERWORD (2nd Edition): The kosher butcher