Dan Moldea:
In response to the blatant exploitation of the 40th anniversary of Senator Robert Kennedy's murder

A European documentary (and book by its producer) that was widely discredited in the midst of production--but is still being released to an unwitting American public as legitimate journalism?

A self-published book that features tests and measurements alleging that a whopping thirteen shots were fired at the crime scene--inexplicably touted by ABC's Good Morning America--that cannot be repeated by credible scientists and/or technicians?

Supposed scholars who--without performing their own investigations or even conducting a single interview--conclude with absolutely certainty that a conspiracy existed and that an innocent man (Thane Eugene Cesar) is guilty of murder?

Let's get back to reality and stop trying to concoct a political solution to this horrible crime . . . Like it or not, Sirhan Sirhan did it, and he did it alone.

Dan Moldea on the murder of Senator Robert Kennedy:

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-- Michael McCowan's signed statement to Moldea about Sirhan.
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