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Americans United for Separation of Church and State


Media Transparency

Hate Watch

People for the American Way

--Buying a Movement

--Right-Wing Watch Online

Poisoning the Web:  Hatred Online

Public Eye:  Studying the U.S. Political Right

Right-Wing Groups
( * denotes Scaife Foundation contribution)

     * Accuracy in Media

          --Accuracy in Academia

     American Conservative Union

     * American Enterprise Institute

     * American Legislative Exchange Council

     American Spectator

     * Americans for Tax Reform

     Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs

     * Association of Literary Scholars and Critics

     Bradley Foundation

Capitol Hill Blue

     Cato Institute

     * Center for Individual Rights

     * Center for Media and Public Affairs


     * Center for Strategic & International Studies    

     Center for Trade Policy Studies

     Christian Broadcasting Network

     Christian Coalition

     * Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute

     * Claremont Institute


     Competitive Enterprise Institute

     Concerned Women for America

     Conservative Caucus

     Conservative News Service

     Conservative Political Action Conference

     Constitution Society

     * Criminal Justice Legal Foundation

     * Critical Review Foundation

     Drudge Report

     Eagle Forum

     Empower America

     Enter Stage Right

     Family Research Council


     * Federalist Society

     Focus on the Family

     Fox News  (Owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation)

          The [Bill] O'Reilly Factor

          Weekly Standard

     * Freedom Alliance

     * Free Congress Foundation

    Free Republic

    Downside Legacy at Two Degrees of President Clinton

    Media:  The Players

   Frontiers of Freedom

   Goldwater Institute


     * Heritage Foundation

--Claudia Deane, Washington Post, "Computer- Assisted Influence?  Think Tank Seeks Payoff By Aiding Press With Data," April 19, 2002.
     * Hoover Institution

     Hudson Institute

     Human Events

     * Independent Women's Forum

     The Institute for Democracy and Religion

     * Institute for Justice

     Jerry Falwell Ministries

     John Birch Society

     * John Locke Institute

     * Judicial Watch

     * Landmark Legal Foundation

     Leadership Institute


     Manhattan Institute

     * Media Research Center

     Mountain States Legal Foundation

     National Association of Scholars

     National Institute for Labor Relations Research

     National Legal and Policy Center

     National Review

     National Rifle Association

     National Right to Life Committee

     National Right to Work

     * National Taxpayers Union


     Pacific Research Institute

     Pioneer Fund

     Progress and Freedom Foundation    

     Reagan Information Interchange

     * Reason Foundation

     Republican National Committee

          National Republican Congressional Committee

          National Republican Senatorial Committee

          Republican National Lawyers Association

     Ring of Conservative Sites

     Rush Limbaugh Show

     Rutherford Institute

     Scaife Foundations


     * Southeastern Legal Foundation


     Traditional Values Coalition

     Unification Church  (Rev. Sun Myung Moon)

          Washington Times


          Washington Times Foundation (no known link)

          World and I

     United States Justice Foundation

     U.S. Family Network (no known link)

     Wall Street Journal (editorial page only)

     Weekly Standard


     Young Americans for Freedom