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December 11, 2001, Tuesday

HEADLINE: Global Relief Foundation Urges Americans to Never Forget September 11

DATELINE: BRIDGEVIEW, Ill., Dec. 11, 2001

Heeding President Bush's call to never forget the tragic events of September 11, the Global Relief Foundation (GRF) urges Americans to remember the tragedy as we unite against terrorism and disaster worldwide.

The three-month anniversary of the September 11 attacks brings back vivid memories of that international tragedy. While innocent people from all over the world became victims of faceless terrorism, America faced a national nightmare. We suffered the loss of thousands of civilians at the hands of those who attempt to fill our world with terror. For three months, we have mourned for those who lost their lives, wept with their families, lamented with the injured and grieved for those who have been victimized as a result of this tragedy. We mourn a national tragedy that has victimized all of us. To heal this deep wound, we must first never forget its results. We must never forget the agony of innocent victims, the heroism of fallen emergency personnel and law enforcement officers, the suffering of survivors, the orphaned children and the broken families. We must remember that these victims from all over the world, of all races and religions, were victims of terrorism. On December 11, we must remember each day of the three months that have passed, to hold fast our opposition to terrorism. Let us heed President Bush's call to join our Congress and our fellow citizens, and hold events to commemorate the tragedy rather than to forget it. To forget the tragedy would be acquiescing to terror, and to the misery it brings. We will join hands and fight against terror wherever it strikes.

We at GRF have spread the knowledge of worldwide human suffering for the past 10 years and have become known for our actions against injustice. In our efforts to provide aid to innocent victims worldwide, we are evermore fervent in our moral obligation to assist those in need.

For further information, please see GRF's public statement issued on Sept. 12, 2001 or visit our Web site at  CONTACT: Global Relief Foundation, Bridgeview
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