On Hoffa, Marcello, Trafficante, and the Murder of President John Kennedy
Praise for The Hoffa Wars by Dan E. Moldea for saying it first
The following are quotes which credit the 1978 book, The Hoffa Wars, for
being the first to present the case that Jimmy Hoffa, Carlos Marcello, and Santo
Trafficante might have been behind the murder of President Kennedy.
In July 1979, the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations released its
final report, declaring that Hoffa, Marcello, and Trafficante had the “motive, means,
and opportunity” to kill the President. The chief counsel of the committee stated:
“The mob did it. It’s a historical fact.”
* "The murder of President John F. Kennedy was the American crime of
the century, and Dan Moldea, in The Hoffa Wars, was the first person to
publicly arrive at what now appears to be the correct solution." —Jonathan
Kwitny: Introduction, the 1993 edition of The Hoffa Wars
* “You’ve tackled this subject and the greater field of organized crime
with more courage than anyone I know. You were the first to bring out the
Marcello-Trafficante-Hoffa alliance and machinations as related to this case.”
—David Scheim: Author, Contract on America, March 14, 1988
* "Author Dan Moldea was the first to publicly assert that the Mafia
killed President Kennedy."The Assassination of John Kennedy, PBS
documentary, November 18, 1988
* "Dan Moldea [was] the reporter who first documented the Hoffa-
Marcello-Trafficante theory in 1978." —John Aloysius Farrell: Boston Globe,
February 23, 1992
* "Investigative journalist Dan Moldea . . . was the first to draw a link
between organized crime and the assassination." —David Talbot: San
Francisco Chronicle, March 29, 1992
* "In 1978, Moldea's book, The Hoffa Wars, raised the possibility that
Hoffa was involved in a plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. The
book named two likely co-conspirators with Hoffa: Mafia figures Carlos
Marcello and Santos Trafficante. Since then, Moldea has been credited [as]
being the first to link the three in the plot." —Abe Zaidan: Cleveland Plain
Dealer, December 26, 1992
* “Dan Moldea published The Hoffa Wars, the first book to lay out the
theory that Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa recruited mobsters Carlos Marcello
and Santos Trafficante to arrange the assassination.” —Associated Press,
November 22, 1993
* “The goal for the mob was to plan the [JFK] assassination using the
arms-and-planes deal as a cover
Then the mob would assassinate Castro,
coincident with a CIA-backed coup against Castro that would leave a Cuban
leader like Menoyo, Varona, or Artime in charge of Cuba.
“The complexity of this four-part arrangement has stymied investigators
for decades. It was only through the efforts of Bobby Kennedy’s
investigators in 1959—and work by Dan Moldea, whose mentor was Bobby’s
top investigator, Walter Sheridan—that the operation can be documented
today, despite all of the CIA files that remain classified.” —Lamar Waldron
with Tom Hartmann: Authors, Ultimate Sacrifice, 2005
* “Dan Moldea, author of The Hoffa Wars (1978), was the first to suggest
that Marcello, Trafficante, and Hoffa had conspired in the assassination of
President Kennedy.” —David Kaiser: Author, The Road to Dallas, 2008
* “Due to books such as Dan Moldea’s The Hoffa Wars and the House
Select Committee’s investigation, the press finally linked Marcello and
Trafficante to JFK’s assassination.” —Lamar Waldron: The Hidden History of
the JFK Assassination, 2013
On Frank Ragano and the JFK Murder
* "Some believe Ragano has the best of all reasons not to lie. Dan E.
Moldea, who made the Teamsters-JFK-Ragano link in his 1978 book, The
Hoffa Wars, says the mob lawyer has put himself 'at great personal risk.'"
Eloise Salholz: Newsweek, January 27, 1992
* "In 1978, a Washington journalist released a controversial book that
began to unlock the secrets of the brutal murder of President Kennedy. He
did it by piecing together the Hoffa-Marcello-Trafficante puzzle for the first
time. That journalist was Dan E. Moldea, and his book was The Hoffa
Wars." —Frank Ragano: June 1992