January 6, 2007

RE:  Moldea on John Hunt

To Anyone Interested:

     No one I know and/or respect takes seriously anything that the shameless John Hunt says or writes about the murder of Senator Robert Kennedy.  In my opinion, he is nothing more than a rude screwball and internet stalker who desperately begs for responses to his idiotic ideas--and then hate-bombs those who disagree with him.  When Mel Ayton and I, among other authors, have attempted to show some respect and provided him with the attention he craves by responding to the garbage he peddles, he rewarded us by misrepresenting what we wrote in his continuing attacks.  (Please click the following link to read my answers to specific questions posed by Mr. Hunt and other more responsible critics: https://www.moldea.com/SimkinForum.html.)

      Devoid of any legitimate academic credentials or professional standing, Mr. Hunt has yet to make a single positive contribution to the investigation of Senator Kennedy's murder.  To my knowledge, no responsible publication has ever printed anything he has written.  And, despite his ongoing delusions, he has certainly never laid a glove on anything that I wrote in my 1995 book, The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy (W.W. Norton).  I am confident that he won't have any more success with the fascinating book that Mel is about to publish, The Forgotten Terrorist (Potomac Books).


Dan E. Moldea