The following is the full text of Michael Rivero's statement, in response to crimefighter4, the screen name for USPP officer Kevin Fornshill, who found Vincent Foster's body at Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993:
To: crimefighter4

"Get the facts about the Vince Foster suicide investigation. Read Dan Moldea's book. He did REAL research, not this c**p that others are writing. "

Moldea completely ignored most of the hard facts in the Foster case, in particular the FBI documents proving that the FBI showed Lisa Foster a "silver colored" gun and told her it was the gun found with the body, although the gun found with the body was dark blued steel. Moldea never wondered why the FBI interviewers did not record the serial number of the gun shown to Lisa Foster, which would be normal practice to maintain chain of evidence. Moldea never questioned why the FBI interviewers never identified the gun shown to Lisa Foster by make and caliber, choosing to describe the gun solely as a "silver colored" gun, when normal practice would have been to record the details of the gun to legally establish that it was indeed the same gun as was found with Vincent Foster's body. Moldea never questioned why Robert Fiske, the ex-BCCI lawyer, used such obviously flawed and legally invalid testimony to claim that Vincent Foster owned the gun he was found with, or why Kenneth Starr never investigated why the FBI showed Lisa Foster a "silver colored" gun and told her it was the gun found with her husband's body.

Moldea never explains how Vincent Foster, on a hot July day and supposedly under great stress (which makes people sweat), was able to insert a smooth metal revolver into his own mouth and pull the trigger without getting his blood or his fingerprints on the gun, or bullet fragments or powder granules matchable to that gun in his wounds.

The FBI officially concluded that some third party moved Vincent Foster's head after he had been shot but before the blood had dried, based on the multiple directions of the blood tickles. Moldea never mentions this fact, let alone questions who that third party might have been, playing with the body position right after death.

Moldea doesn't mention any of these facts, because his goal isn't to get to the truth about Vincent Foster but to sell the official lie to the public.

And I note you seem quite eager to help him do it. A rather pathetic situation for someone who claims to be an upholder of the law.

105 Posted on 12/31/2000 16:55:55 PST by Michael Rivero
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