Dan Moldea on Anthony Zerelli and the Jimmy Hoffa case

DEM on Day 1 of the 3-day Zerilli dig: 

"When the FBI takes these things seriously, I take these things seriously.  I’ve been involved in this thing now for thirty-eight years.  We would like to see this thing end once and for all.  We would like to see this case solved."

NBC News 
DEM on Day 2: 

Zerilli claims Hoffa was beaten, taken to a pre-dug grave in the field in Oakland Township and then covered with a slab of concrete. Zerilli’s overall account also differs in several ways from the accumulated evidence regarding Hoffa’s disappearance, according to Moldea.

“This is very problematic for a lot of people, myself included, if the body is found out there,’’ Moldea said. “The scenario that Zerilli is putting out there is basically saying, 'Forget everything you've ever heard about the Hoffa case, here's the whole new scenario.' It would be dismissing 38 years of intelligence.”

However, Moldea believes the FBI is doing the right thing by investigating Zerilli’s claims.

“How can you ignore what the former boss of the Detroit Mafia is saying?’’ Moldea said. “The FBI, I think has done a good job of pursuing legitimate leads. With regard to the cost, I couldn't care less. This murder has to be solved."

Good Morning America (ABC)
DEM on the morning of Day 3:

Still, others are skeptical about Zerilli's claims, arguing it's a ploy to push his new book.

Moldea:  "It's a complete departure from all the intelligence we have heard about this case over the past 38 years."