A service of Moldea.Com, from mid-2000 to mid-2004,
which provided links to public-information sources for
those investigating members of the Bush family
and their business - political interests.

George Bush Presidential Library


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  General sources:   Bush dynasty:
 1.  Campaign financing 1.  The Bush family (general)
 2. Corporate searches 2.  The Bush family and foreign interests
      2a. Big oil 3.  The Bush family and the media
      2b. Big tobacco 4.  George H. W. Bush
 3. Freedom of Information Act 5.  George W. Bush
 4. Legal resources 6.  Jeb Bush 
 5.  Mainstream media (and transcripts) 7.  Neil Bush
 6.  Online publications 8.  Websites about George W.  Bush
 7.  Political parties   Dark victory: 
 8.  Polling organizations 1.  Bush-Cheney 2000
 9.  Right-wing media 2.  Dick Cheney
10.  Search engines (general) 3.  The recount battle
11.  Special/public-interest groups 4.  The Bush-Cheney goon squads
12.  Think tanks 5.  Transition activities
  State & local governments 6.  The Bush inauguration
1.  Governors 7.  Inaugural demonstrations
2.  Attorneys general   The Bush II administration
3.  State legislatures  1.  The President:  PR and public policies
4.  State courts  2.  Early timelines of Bush II
5.  County governments, state-by-state  3.  Analyses of the 1st 100 days
6.  Mayors  4.  September 11 and the aftermath
  United States Government:  5.  2001-02:  State of the Union and analyses
1.  U. S. Congress  6.  Corporate dramas:  How far will they go?
2.  U. S. Courts   7.  Midterm election:  Mandate or what?
3.  U. S. Government (general)  8.  2002-03:  State of the Union and analyses
4.  White House  9.  Iraq:  A real or imagined threat?

10.  2003-04:  State of the Union and analyses


1.  Cabinet and White House staff

2.  Ashcroft at Justice

3.  Other DOJ appointees

  Supporting cast

1.  The unofficial enforcers

2.  Watchdogs, lapdogs & attack dogs

  The reelection bid

1.  The campaigns

2.  Bush-Cheney 2004

Pick Hits

For those who want to stay on top of the media's coverage of Campaign 2004,
the Columbia Journalism Review offers The Campaign Desk.

Some say that this ABC News site contains the best day-to-day political coverage.
You decide.

Do you need some sane, level-headed commentary?
Click onto David Corn's "Capital Games" in The Nation.

Who is Ruben Bolling?  See why so many people are noticing his fabulous work.

For ground-breaking investigative journalism,
see the Center for Public Integrity's Public i.

See more online independent investigative journalism at its best.
Click onto Bob Parry's Consortium News.

Tired of the usual talk-show blather?  Get the real lowdown from
"Pundit Pap" at Gene Gaudette's American Politics Journal.

For the real "no-spin zone," see Bob Somerby's Daily Howler.

Discover how the conservative movement affects the media.
See Media Transparency.

Would you like access to the daily news releases from
federal agencies and congressional offices, as well as public-interest groups,
at a reasonable price?  Click to Edward Zuckerman's Government Policy Newslinks.


Bushology Interactive's People of the Year

2004 People of the Year:  Bill Bennett, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly,
constant reminders that right-wing media stars are generally hypocrites with conflicting standards
of private behavior for public figures--one for themselves and another for everyone else.
They always seem to wind up overplaying their winning hands.

2003 Person of the Year:  Paul Krugman (New York Times),
a fearless economist/journalist whose columns about the dark side of the Bush Administration
warn of its shameless cronyism and its role as a genuine threat to world peace.
(See:  A compendium of Krugman's works.)


2002 Person of the Year:  Senator Paul Wellstone (D-Minnesota),
a man of courage, conviction, and peace--who spoke out for the poor and the powerless
and stood up against corporate corruption, tax breaks for the rich, and right-wing hypocrisy.

2001 Person of the Year:  Senator Jim Jeffords (I-Vermont),
who broke up the right wing's complete control of all three branches of the federal government.

2000 Person of the Year:  Senator-elect Hillary Clinton (D-New York),
for her toughness, courage, and grace under fire, as well as her historic victory.


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