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     Dan E. Moldea has lectured about the Mafia and crime in America since 1983, speaking at over a hundred colleges and universities, as well as to a variety of civic organizations and professional associations.  Here are some of the comments about his performance:

         Carleton College"[Moldea] opened our eyes, challenged our thinking, and stimulated a great deal of discussion that continues to weave its way across campus.  Our society needs more people like [him], with a discerning mind, a clear voice for truth, and the courage to expose corruption wherever it exists."

         Idaho State University:  "Dan told me before the show that if people would pay attention his would be my best show all year.  People did and he was right."

         University of Illinois:  "Moldea's presentation was a provocative look into organized crime which stirred much reaction from the audience.  He was more than willing to respond to questions, support his statements and listen to others.  We would wholeheartedly recommend other universities to invite Dan E. Moldea to give his presentation."

         Maricopa Community Colleges (Phoenix):  "We especially admire [Moldea's] gift to connect with those in attendance and to be willing to talk as long as people had questions to ask.  We appreciate all the work [he] put into [his] presentations and [his] connection with the crowds."

         Ohio University:  "The entire campus has been talking about the lecture for nearly a week, something that the Student Lecture Series has never seen before.  Every programming organization across America should attempt to schedule Dan Moldea sometime during their calendar year."

         Penn State University:  "Moldea's work as an investigative reporter has helped educate the public and urged others to take action against organized crime."

         University of Southern Illinois"Dan's lecture was very informative and eye-opening.  His presentation was very organized and done in the most professional manner.  The audience thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. . . . Dan was very enjoyable to work with and a pleasure to host."

        Valparaiso University:  "Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to hear such a brilliant man speak."

         Westminster College:  "[T]his was our best (informative & entertaining) lecture of the year!"

         Winthrop College"This lecture was the best we've had all year!"

     * Also, after covering Moldea's April 17, 1998, keynote speech to the Citizens' League of Greater Youngstown--an Ohio city that has experienced severe problems with the Mafia--the Youngstown Vindicator reported:  "Author Dan E. Moldea took the check for his speaking engagement, ripped it up and told the [audience] to use it for a crime commission."