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Bushology Interactive:
2000 - 2004

General sources

1.  Campaign Financing

     Campaign Finance Information Center

     Center for Responsive Politics

     Common Cause

     FEC Info


     The Money Map

2.  Corporate searches

     Corporate Watch

     Corporate Information

     Florida corporate search

     Hoovers Online

     Search Systems  (public records, nationwide)

2a.  Big oil

     American Petroleum Institute

     Independent Petroleum Association of America

     Federal agencies

          Department of Energy  (Spencer Abraham, Secretary of Energy)

          Department of Interior  (Gale Norton, Secretary of Interior)

          * Minerals Management Service

          * Helen Rumbelow & Neely Tucker, Washington Post, "Interior's Norton Cited For Contempt In Trust Suit," September 18, 2002.  (Re:  Trust fund for Native Americans)

--Carol D. Leonnig, Washington Post, "Contempt Ruling Against Norton Reversed," July 19, 2003.

2b.  Big tobacco
Special/public interest groups
Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

Tobacco BBS (Gene Borio)

Tobacco Control Resource Center (latest news)

Tobacco Documents Online

Federal regulators
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

Food & Drug Administration

U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Department of Justice

--Dan Eggen & Marc Kaufman, Washington Post, "Tobacco Suit Lawyers May Be Reassigned," April 26, 2001.

--Editorial, Washington Post, "A Retreat on Tobacco?", April 27, 2001.

Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation, "Calling for Philip Morris:  George W. Bush [and Karl Rove]," November 8, 1999
U.S. House Committee on Commerce  (Chairman: W. J. "Billy" Tauzin, R-Louisiana)
State issues
State Tobacco Information Center
--STIC Libraries (state-by-state)
National Association of Attorneys General
--Master List of Attorneys General
--Summary of the agreement
Attorneys' fees

3.  Freedom of Information Act     

     FOIA:  Sample letters

     Freedom of information:  State statutes

4.  Legal resources

     American Bar Association

     FindLaw Library   


5.  Mainstream media  (For others, see:  News Archives & Newslink)

     ABC News

    Associated Press (National)

     CBS News

 --48 Hours
--Face the Nation

--Sixty Minutes

--Sixty Minutes II

     Chicago Tribune


          --CNN Capital Gang

          --CNN Crossfire

          --CNN Larry King Live

          --CNN Late Edition

          --CNNReliable Sources

          --CNN TalkBack Live


     Los Angeles Times

     National Public Radio

     NBC News         



     New York Times

     PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer



     USA Today

          --Freedom Forum

     U.S. News & World Report

     Wall Street Journal  (news, not opinion; subscription necessary)

     Washington Post

6.  Online publications


     American Politics Journal

     American Prospect

     Campaigns and Elections

     Common Dreams

     Consortium News

     Daily Howler

     Extra!  (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting)

     Media News

     Media Transparency

     Mother Jones

     The Nation

     New York Observer

     Online Journal



     Tom Paine

7.  Political Parties

    The Democrats

     Democrats Abroad

     Democratic National Committee

          * Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

          * Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

     The GOP
     Republicans Abroad

     Republican National Committee

          * National Republican Congressional Committee

          * National Republican Senatorial Committee

          * Republican National Lawyers Association

8.  Polling organizations

     Craciun Research Group, Inc.

     Gallup Organization

     Polling Report

     Public Agenda

9.  Right-wing media  (Also see:  Right-Wing Interactive, conservative columnists)

     Accuracy in Media

     American Spectator

--Byron York, The Atlantic, "The Life and Death of The American Spectator," November 2001.
     Capitol Hill Blue

     Christian Broadcasting Network

     Conservative News Service

     Drudge Report

     Free Republic

          --Downside Legacy at Two Degrees of President Clinton

          --Media: The Players

     Rush Limbaugh

     Media Research Center

     National Review

     News Corporation  (Rupert Murdoch)

          --Fox News

          --New York Post

          --Weekly Standard


     Scaife Foundations  (Richard Scaife)

          --Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

     Unification Church  (Rev. Sun Myung Moon)

          --Washington Times


          --United Press International

          --Washington Times Foundation (no known link)

          --World and I

     Wall Street Journal (editorial page only)


10.  Search engines (general)

     All the Web

     Alta Vista


11.  Special/public-interest groups

     American Association of Political Consultants

     American Association for Retired Persons

     American Civil Liberties Union

     Anti-Defamation League

     Campaign for America's Future

     Center for Public Integrity

     Consumer Union

     Corporate Watch

     Environmental Defense Fund

     Greenpeace USA

     Handgun Control Inc.


     League of Women Voters


     National Coalition Against Censorship

     National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling

     National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws  (NORML)

     National Organization for Women

     National Security Archive

     Natural Resources Defense Council

     OMB Watch

     Partnership for a Drug-Free America

     People for the American Way

          --Buying a Movement:  Right-Wing Foundations and American Politics

          --Right Wing Watch Online

     Planned Parenthood Federation of America

     Project Censored

     Project on Government Oversight  (POGO)

     Project Vote Smart

     Public Citizen

     Sierra Club

12.  Think tanks  (Also see:  Robert Kuttner, American Prospect, "Philanthropy and Movements," July 15, 2002.)

     American Enterprise Institute

     Brookings Institute

     Cato Institute

     Center for Strategic & International Studies

     Heritage Foundation

     Hoover Institution

     Institute for Policy Studies

     New American Foundation


1.  U. S. Congress

     Congressional Quarterly

     Congress Watch  (independent public-interest group)

     General Accounting Office

     Government Printing Office

     The Hill  (independent publication)

     Library of Congress

          --Copyright Office

          --Law Library of Congress

     Roll Call  (independent publication)

     THOMAS:  Legislative Information on the Internet

     U. S. Federal Government Agencies Directory

     U. S. House of Representatives

     U. S. Senate

2.  U. S. Judiciary

     Federal Judicial Center

     Federal Judiciary


     U.S. Supreme Court

     U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

     U.S. Tax Court

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