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Bushology Interactive:
2000 - 2004

The Bush dynasty

1.  The Bush family:  General
     Todd J. Gillman, Dallas Morning News, "Sibling revival:  Bush presidential effort has re-energized the whole clan," June 27, 1999.

     Michael Kranish, Boston Globe, "Powerful alliance aids Bushes' rise," (Part One), April 22, 2001.

     Michael Kranish, Boston Globe, "Triumph, troubles shape generations," (Part Two), April 23, 2001.

     Stephen Pizzo, Mother Jones, "Bush Family Value$," September/October 1992.

     Stephen Pizzo, Mother Jones, "Whitewashing the Bush Boys," March/April 1994

     Progressive Review, "Looking behind the Bushes"

     Robert Trigaux, St. Petersburg Times, "Influence and bailouts a business tradition in Bush family," October 29, 2000.

2.  The Bush family and foreign interests

     Louis Dubose & Carmen Coiro, Mother Jones, "Don't Cry for Bush, Argentina," March/April 2000.

     Dan E. Moldea & David Corn, The Nation, "Influence Peddling, Bush Style," October 23, 2000.

     Robert Parry, Consortium News, "Iran-Contra & the Case of Wen Ho Lee," September 18, 2000.

         --Joe Conason, Salon, "How the right smeared Clinton and Gore on China," June 7, 2000.

3.  The Bush family and the media
     Phil E. Agre, Red Rock Eater Digest, "The Science of Character Assassinations," October 15, 2000.

     Nicholas Confessore, American Prospect, "Hillary Was Right," January 17, 2000.

     Jane Hall, Columbia Journalism Review, "Gore Media Coverage--Playing Hardball," September/October 2000.

     John F. Harris, Washington Post, "Mr. Bush Catches a Washington Break," May 6, 2001.

  --Robert Parry, Consortium News, "A Quisling Press Corps," May 7, 2001.
     Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, "Feeding the Media Beast:  Leaks, Rats and BlackBerrys," December 17, 2000.

     Sam Parry, Consortium News, "Protecting Bush-Cheney," October 16, 2000.

     Sean Wilentz, American Prospect, "Will Pseudo-Scandals Decide the Election?," September 24-October 2, 2000.

4.  George H. W. Bush

       George Bush Presidential Library

          * Common Cause, "Bush's Ruling Class," 1992.

Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin, George Bush:  The Unauthorized Biography


          * David Johnston, New York Times, "Walsh Criticizes Reagan and Bush Over Iran-Contra," January 19, 1994.

          --Excerpt From "Iran-Contra Report:  A Secret Foreign Policy," 1994.

          --Lawrence Walsh, "Iran-Contra Report - Chapter 28:  George Bush," 1994

          * Robert Parry, Consortium News, "CIA Admits Tolerating Contra-Cocaine Trafficking," June 8, 2000.

          * Robert Parry, Consortium News, "George H.W. Bush, the CIA & a Case of State Terrorism," September 23, 2000.

Bush miscellaneous

* David Robb & Dan E. Moldea, Mesa Tribune, "Did an alleged mob payoff to GHW Bush help derail a murder case?," December 12, 1992.

* Eileen Smith, Online Journal, "Clinton pardoned an accused tax cheat, but Poppy Bush set a serial terrorist free," March 1, 2000.

Bush's business ties

     The Carlyle Group  (See:  Moldea & Corn, The Nation)

--Melanie Warner, Fortune, "The Big Guys Work For the Carlyle Group," March 18, 2002.

--Greg Schneider, Washington Post, "Gerstner to Be Carlyle Group Chairman," November 22, 2002.

     Points of Light Foundation

     Unification Church  (Rev. Sun Myung Moon)

          * Washington Times Foundation  (no website)

          * Women's Federation for World Peace

--Ryan Oblivion, Triple Crown Dream (Part II), "Reverend Moon's power within the GOP," updated January 16, 2001

--Robert Parry, Consortium News, "Rev. Moon, North Korea & the Bushes."

     --Ben Raines, Mobile Register, "Parents Day shows links of Moon's church to GOP," July 7, 2000

5.  George W. Bush

          General background

* Washington Post, "Bush:  The Making of a Candidate," Seven-part series.
          * Linda L. Starr and Bev Conover, Online Journal, "What is George W. hiding?", June 4, 1999 (updated, July 8, 2000).

Geroge W's DUI arrest

          * Dan Balz, Washington Post, "Bush Acknowleges 1976 DUI Arrest," November 3, 2000.

          --Bush's docket sheet

          --Michelle Cottle, New Republic, "The Woman Behind George W.'s Iron Bubble," October 9, 2000.

            " . . . Other times Hughes simply shuts down the conversation. Just after the governor's reelection in 1998, Slater pressed Bush about whether he had ever been arrested. "He said, `After 1968? No.' I said, `What about before 1968?' He said, `Well ...' and at that moment Karen stepped in and said, `Wait a minute, I've not heard this.' She clearly wasn't prepared for whatever it was he was about to say, and he shut up." Slater argued that it was better for the governor to deal with any revelations sooner rather than later, and Bush agreed to get back to him on the matter. "To this day I have no idea what he was going to say," says Slater. "After she got to him, he shut up."

          --Wayne Slater & Pete Slover, Dallas Morning News, "No arrests after '68, Bush told paper," November 3, 2000.

          --Kirsten Danis, New York Post, "Bush Brands DWI Leak 'Dirty Politics,'" November 4, 2000.

          --Harold Evans, The Guardian, "A slavish press connives to hide GW's shady side," November 6, 2000.

          --Brent Cunningham, Columbia Journalism Review, "Missing the DUI Story," January/February 2001.

George W. in the military:  Why is Bush getting a pass?

          * Anthony York, Salon, "Where conspiracies never die," October 20, 2000.

          * David Case, TomPaine.Com, "More Questions Than Answers:  Bush's Military Record Under Scrutiny," October 21, 2000

* Did Bush go AWOL while in the National Guard?  See Martin Heldt and his FOIA documents


* Kirk Semple, New York Times, "Democratic Party Chief Attacks Bush on Military Record," February 2, 2004.

* Bob Herbert, New York Times, "Bush's Duty, and Privilege," February 13, 2004.

George W. in the business world
* TPJ, "Governor Bush's Well-Appointed Texas Officials," October 24, 2000.

* Knut Royce, The Public i, "Bush Violated Security Laws Four Times, SEC Report Says," October 4, 2000.

          --Harken Energy Corporation

* Knut Royce, The Public i, "Bush's Insider Connections Preceded Huge Proft in Stock Deal," April 4, 2000.

--Mike Allen, Washington Post, "Memo Cited Bush's Late SEC Filings
White House Dismisses Suggestions of Wrongdoing in Bush's Time in Oil Business," July 3, 2002.

--Dana Milbank, Washington Post, "Bush SEC Delay Called 'Mix-Up':  Under Scrutiny, White House Shifts Blame for '91 Late Filing," July 4, 2002.

--Mike Allen, Washington Post, "Bush Too Oil Firm's Loans as Director," July 11, 2002.

          * Charles Lewis,The Public i, "How George W. Bush Scored Big with the Texas Rangers," January 18, 2000.
--Peter Behr, Washington Post, "Bush Sold Stock After Lawyers' Warning," November 1, 2002.
          * Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation, "Calling for Philip Morris:  George W. Bush [and Karl Rove]," November 8, 1999.
--Thomas Furgeson, The Nation, "Smoke in Starr's Chamber," March 8, 1999.
          * John B. Judis, New Republic, "Taking Care of Business," August 16, 1999

          * Robert Bryce, Austin Chronicle, "Funeralgate Hits Texas," July 8, 1999.

          * Brooks Jackson,, "Bush as businessman:  How the Texas governor made his millions," May 13, 1999.

6.  Jeb Bush

Louis Dubose, Austin Chronicle, "O, Brother!  Where Art Thou?," March 16, 2001.
          Alecia Swasy & Robert Trigaux, St. Petersburg Times, "Make the Money and Run," September 20, 1998.
          --Codina Group  (Armando Codina)
--MWI Pump Corporation  (David Eller)
          No byline, News-Journal Online, "GOP heavy-hitters support Jeb Bush's foundation," June 18, 1998

          Tim Nickens, St. Petersburg Times, "Commentary:  Jeb Bush's business is the public's now," June 2, 1998.

          Alecia Swasy & Robert Trigaux, St. Petersburg Times, "Commerce job led to overseas venture," September 20, 1998.

          --U.S. Asia Commercial Development Corporation  (Richard P. Lawless)

7.  Neil Bush

     Peter Carlson, Washington Post, "The Relatively Charmed Life Of Neil Bush," December 28, 2003.

     Lloyd Grove, Washington Post, "The War of the Bushes," April 17, 2003.

* Lloyd Grove, Washington Post, "The Terms Are Nailed Down, but the Gibes Still Fly," April 18, 2003.

* Matt Kane/staff & wire reports, Washington Post, "Bye-Bye, Bush Book," April 19, 2003.

* Lloyd Grove, Washington Post, "Notes on a Broken Marriage," April 22, 2003.

     Khalil Hanware & K.S. Ramkumar, Arab News, "Win American hearts through sustained lobbying:  Neil Bush," January 22, 2002.
* Michael Isikoff, Newsweek, "Neil Bush's Saudi Business Connection," February 4, 2002.
     Charoen Pokphand Group  (See:Dan E. Moldea & David Corn, The Nation, "Influence Peddling, Bush Style," October 23, 2000.)

          Ignite! Inc.

          * Timothy Noah, Slate, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?," January 3, 2001.

* Louis Dubose, Austin Chronicle, "O, Brother!  Where Art Thou?," March 16, 2001.

* Cliff Peale, Cincinnati Enquirer, "Neil Bush debuts group here for CEOs," January 12, 2002.

     Interlink Management Corporation  (no website)

     Silverado Banking, Savings & Loan  (See:  Pizzo)

     Universal Display Corporation

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