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Bushology Interactive:
2000 - 2004

The Bush II supporting cast

2.  Watchdogs, lapdogs & attack dogs

* Columbia Journalism Review

* Daily Howler

* Extra!

* Media Channel

* Media Matters

* Media News

* Media Notes

* Media Transparency

Jonathan Alter (Newsweek)

Michael Barone (U.S. News & World Report)

Paul Begala (CNN)

Jeffrey Birnbaum (Fortune)

Wolf Blitzer (CNN)

Gloria Borger (U.S. News & World Report)

David Broder (Washington Post)

* Jonathan Chait, New Republic, "No more Mister Nice Columnist," May 14, 2002.
Tom Brokaw (NBC)

Eleanor Clift (Newsweek)

Richard Cohen (Washington Post)

Alan Colmes (Fox)

* Mark Leibovich, Washington Post, "For Alan Colmes, Nothing But Left-Handed Praise," November 29, 2003.
Joe Conason (New York Observer)

Ceci Connolly (Washington Post)

David Corn (The Nation)

Candy Crowley (CNN)

Patty Davis (CNN)

E. J. Dionne (Washington Post)

Maureen Dowd (New York Times)

Michael Duffy (Time)

Howard Fineman (Newsweek)

Thomas L. Friedman (New York Times)

Ellen Goodman (Boston Globe)

John Harris (Washington Post)

Nat Hentoff (Washington Post)

Michael Isikoff (Newsweek)

Peter Jennings (ABC)

Bill Keller (New York Times)

John King (CNN)

Larry King (CNN)

Dan Klaidman (Newsweek)

Kathleen Koch (CNN)

Morton Kondracke (Fox & Roll Call)

Ted Koppel (ABC)

--Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, "The News Veteran:  Nightline Anchor Ted Koppel Had to See for Himself The Shape of a Conflict Drawn in Sand," March 28, 2003.
Charles Krauthammer (Washington Post)

Howard Kurtz (Washington Post)

*Media Notes archive
Jim Lehrer (PBS)

Anthony Lewis (New York Times)

Mara Liasson (NPR)

Gene Lyons  (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

* Interview with BuzzFlash (Part One) and (Part Two)
Dave Marash (ABC)

Doyle McManus (Los Angeles Times)

Alan Murray (CNBC)

* Murray, the bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal, moves to CNBC.
Lisa Myers (NBC)

Robert Novak (Chicago Sun-Times)

Dan Rather (CBS)

Geraldo Rivera (Fox)

* David Folkenflik, Baltimore Sun, "Reports of war draw fire to Fox," December 15, 2001.
Steven Roberts (syndicated)

Tim Russert (NBC)

* Jack Shafer, Slate, "How To Beat Tim Russert:  Get inside his head and shake vigorously," July 2, 2003.

* Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, "Where Candidates Meet the Pressure," July 7, 2003.

Bob Schieffer (CBS)

Bill Schneider (CNN)

Jeff Stein

John Stossel (ABC)

* Marianne Manilov, TomPaine, "More Underhanded Reporting from ABC News," no date.

* John Stossel's "Work Habits"  (The Smoking Gun)

Stuart Taylor (Newsweek)

Evan Thomas (Newsweek)

Jeffrey Toobin (CNN)

Nina Totenberg (NPR)

* Anthony Violanti, Buffalo News, "Nina Totenberg's high-level insider's view," May 14, 2002.
Greta Van Susteren (Fox)
* Mary Jacoby, St. Petersburg Times, "High profile couple never pairs church and state," December 13, 1998.
George Will (Washington Post)

Brian Williams (NBC)

Michael Wolff (New York)

* New York Press interview with Wolff, February 7, 2002.
Robin Wright (Los Angeles Times)

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