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Bushology Interactive:
2000 - 2004

The Bush II supporting cast

1.  The unofficial enforcers:  Who are these guys?

After all, they want to know everything about you.  (See:  Dan Balz and Thomas B. Edsall, Washington Post, "RNC Targets Liberal Interest Groups:  Financial Records Subpoenaed in Fight Over Campaign Laws," June 26, 2002.  Also see:  Bob Parry's "David Brock and the Watergate Legacy" & Jane Meyer's "True Confessions," as well as The Powell Manifesto and Michael Skube's "If Liberalism's Such a Dead Horse, Why Beat It?")

Accuracy in Media
Reed Irvine

Cliff Kincaid

American Conservative Union

Americans for Tax Reform and the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project

Grover Norquist
--"The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, the brainchild of Grover Norquist and his Americans for Tax Reform, is waging a relentless campaign to memorialise its hero. Getting the capital's National Airport renamed after him was only the start. It is now in the process of creating a Reagan memorial in each of the country's 3,067 counties (successes so far include a six-foot-tall portrait made entirelyly from 14,000 jelly beans). It wants his face to replace Alexander Hamilton's on the $10 bill, and to erect a Reagan monument on the National Mall, despite the Gipper's own belief that politicians should be dead for at least 25 years before being considered for the honour. Any day now the highway that leads up to Mount Rushmore will be graced with Reagan's name" (Lexington, The Economist, July 7, 2001).
Dissenting voices about Reagan's legacy:
* Dan E. Moldea,, "The Corruption of Ronald Reagan," August 1986, July 15, 1999.

* Lawrence E. Walsh, "Final Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/Contra Matters," August 4, 1993.

--Summary of Iran/Contra prosecutions.
* Seth Rosenfeld, San Francisco Chronicle, "Secret FBI files reveal covert activities at UC Bureau's campus operations involved Reagan, CIA," June 9, 2002.  (A Chronicle special report.)
--Jim VandeHei, Washington Post, "GOP Monitoring Lobbyists' Politics," June 10, 2002.
American Spectator
E. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Empower America
William J. Bennett
--Joshua Green, Washington Monthly, "The Bookie of Virtue:  William J. Bennett has made millions lecturing people on morality--and blown it on gambling," June 2003.
--Jonathan Alter and Joshua Green, MSNBC, "The Man of Virtues Has a Vice," May 2, 2003.

--Michael Kinsley, Washington Post, "Bad Bet by Bill Bennett," May 5, 2003.

--David Von Drehle, Washington Post, "Gambling Days Are Over, Says Bennett," May 6, 2003.

Vin Weber
Federalist Society
David Goldstein, Kansas City Star, "Federalist Society members have pivotal roles in new administration," March 25, 2001.
Thomas B. Edsall, Washington Post, "Federalist Society Becomes a Force in Washington," April 18. 2001.

Exchange about the Federalist Society:

Eugene Volokh, Washington Post, "Our Flaw?  We're Just Not Liberals," June 3, 2001.

Simon Lazarus, Washington Post, "Don't Be Fooled.  They're Activists, Too," June 3, 2001.

Fox News  (Also see: MediaGuardian, "The Murdochs in their own words," June 21, 2002.  And:  Special Report, FAIR, "The most biased name in news:  Fox News Channel's extraordinary right-wing tilt," August 2001, as well as Michael Wolff, New York Magazine, "One Nation Under Fox," December 9, 2002, and Alex S. Jones, New York Times, "Fox News Moves From the Margins to the Mainstream," December 1, 2002.)
Fox News:  Reporters' bios

Fox & Friends

Paul Farhi, Washington Post, "The Gung-Ho Morning Gang:  Cable's 'Fox & Friends' Prides Itself on Patriotic Patter," April 4, 2003.
Fred Barnes (Fox)

John Gibson (Fox)

Sean Hannity (Fox)

* Personal website

* Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, "Radio's New Right-Fielder," January 14, 2002.

Brit Hume (Fox)
* Steve Rendall, Extra!, "Fox's Slanted Sources," August 2001.
Bill O'Reilly (Fox)
* Anti-O'Reilly website

* Glenn Garvin, Miami Herald, "Bill O'Reilly, the equal-opportunity terrorizer," July 11, 2003.

* Daniel Ruth, Tampa Tribune, "Nothing Is `Free' About Bill O'Reilly's Froth Factor," February 26, 2003.

* Jeff McKay, CNS News, "Fox Host in Hot Seat For Uses of Questionable Ethnic Term," February 12, 2003.

* Bill Moyers, BuzzFlash, "Moyers on O'Reilly," December 4, 2002.

* Neil Swidey, Boston Globe Magazine, "The Meanest Man on Television," December 1, 2002.

* Michael McGough, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Midweek Perspectives:  A pinhead editorial writer's adventure in the No Spin Zone," November 20, 2002.

* William McGurn, Wall Street Journal, "The Blowhard Zone," September 9, 2002.

* Cathy Young, Reason, "Spin this:  The trouble with Bill O'Reilly," August 2002.

* Jeremy Lott, American Prospect, "The No-Win Zone:  Has Bill O'Reilly finally outdone himself?," March 27, 2002.

*  Arthur Unger, Emmy Online, "Bill 0'Reilly:  Spinner in a no-spin zone," January 2002.

* Peter Hart and Seth Ackerman, Extra!, "Bill O'Reilly's Sheer O'Reillyness," August 2001.

* Michael Kinsley, Slate, "The Mystery of the Departing Guests," March 22, 2001.

* Chris Mooney, American Prospect, "The O'Reilly Actor," March 14, 2001.

* Michael Kinsley, Slate, "O'Reilly Among the Snobs," March 1, 2001.

* Lloyd Grove, Washington Post, "The Franken Factor," March 1, 2001.

* Paul Farhi, Washington Post, "The Life of O'Reilly," December 13, 2000.

(David) Shepard Smith (Fox)
* Amy Reiter, Salon, "Talking about blowing it on national TV," November 12, 2002.

* Shepard Smith arrested, accused of battery

* Charges against Smith are dropped--after the victim is paid off

Free Republic
Freeper Profiles

Jim Robinson

--Jeff Stein, Salon, "Free-for-all at Free Republic," July 13, 1999.

--Dan E. Moldea,, "The Free Republic must be held accountable," January 2001.

--William Rivers Pitt, Online Journal, "God sees the Freepers," June 9, 2001.

--Kerry Lauerman, Salon, "They're here, they're mad, get used to it," June 24, 2001.

--With hat in hand, the Free Republic settles--and survives, June 19, 2002.

--Debby Morse, San Francisco Examiner, "," February 15, 2002.

Human Events
Ann Coulter (Human Events)
--George Gurley, New York Observer, "Coultergeist," September 9, 2002.

--David Carr, New York Times, "Blond Lightning on the Far Right," July 20, 2003.

Independent Women's Forum

Judicial Watch

Landmark Legal Foundation

Rush Limbaugh (syndicated talk-show host)

David Limbaugh (brother)
Media Research Center
L. Brent Bozell
--ConWebWatch profile

--Columns, speeches & op-eds

* Michael Scherer, Columbia Journalism Review, "In Review:  Framing the Flag," March/April 2002.
National Review
William F. Buckley (National Review)

Jonah Goldberg:  "I will take free money from just about anybody."

Christopher Ruddy (NewMax)
--ConWebWatch profile
* Terry Krepel, "Is NewsMax Corrupt?"
--Article archive
Carl Limbacher

Also see:

Terry Krepel, ConWebWatch, "NewsMax By the Numbers:  Would you buy stock in this company? Should anyone?," May 30, 2002.  (Scaife owns 7.2 percent.)

Terry Krepel, ConWebWatch, "Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Sources,"October 15, 2001.

Regnery Publishing
Nicholas Confessore, American Prospect, "Hillary was right," January 17, 2000

Linton Weeks, Washington Post, "All Right Already:  Alfred Regnery's Publishing House Goes for the Conservative Gusto, and Leaves The Left Behind," September 22, 2002

Scaife Foundations
Ted Kahl, Triple Crown Dream, "The Vast Right Wing Con Job," December 5, 2001.
Wall Street Journal editorial page
Robert Bartley (Wall Street Journal)
--Robert L. Bartley, Wall Street Journal, "A Few Final Words as Editor," December 30, 2002.
* Timothy Noah., Slate, "Conservative Self-Parody Watch:  Bob Bartley retires, again. . . , " December 30, 2002.
John Fund (Wall Street Journal)
--John Connolly, WeaselSearch, "Sex, Lies, and the Tape," September 4, 2001.

--Editors, American Politics Journal, "Melinda Pillsbury-Foster Speaks Out," January 16, 2002.

* APJ breaks the news about Fund's arrest for assault and Pillsbury's order of protection, February 27, 2002.
--Cynthia Cotts, Village Voice, "John Fund:  'Hope of Freedom,'" May 15-21-2002.

--Eric Alterman, The Nation, "Who Framed John Fund?," May 15, 2003.

* Mark Crispin Miller and Eric Alterman, The Nation, "Exchange:  "Ugly Tactics Make for Ugly People," June 25, 2003.
Paul Gigot (Wall Street Journal)
--James Klurfeld, Columbia Journalism Review, "Waiting for Gigot," March/April 2002.
Peggy Noonan (Wall Street Journal)
--On accepting between $25,000 to $50,000 from Enron for speechwriting, January 25, 2002.

Jonathan Chait, New Republic, "Right Reverent:  How Peggy Noonan Sees Politics," March 25, 2002.

Washington Times  (Also see:  Roxanne Roberts, Washington Post, "Moon Eclipses Birthday Bash For Times," May 22, 2002. . . . Then check out:  Dante Chinni, Columbia Journalism Review, "The Other Paper," September/October 2002.)
Tony Blankley (Washington Times)
* Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, "Right, but Not 100 Percent Right," December 2, 2002.
Bill Sammon (Washington Times)
--Bob Somerby, Daily  Howler, "Mother Theresa," June 18, 2001.

--Bob Somerby, Daily Howler, "At any cost," June 19, 2001.

Weekly Standard
Terry Eastland

William Kristol

--Dana Milbank, Washington Post, "'Bush's Blunder' May Be Kristol's Inside Influence," March 19, 2002.

--Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, "Bill Kristol, Keeping Iraq in the Cross Hairs," March 18, 2003.

Fred Barnes

Christopher Caldwell

Matt Labash

-- No byline,, "Interview with Matt Labash," May 23, 2003.
Joseph Farah
--ConWebWatch Profile

--Archive of Farah's columns

Jerry Falwell
Official website

Falwell Calls For "Conservative Revolution," March 7, 2002.

John Colapinto, New York Times Magazine, "The Young Hipublicans," May 25, 2003.
Laura Ingraham

Joe Scarborough

Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, "MSNBC Host Gets Bitten by His 'Rat of the Week,'" September 13, 2003.
Kenneth R. Timmerman
Keith B. Richburg, Washington Post, "Rainbow's End," April 14, 2002.

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