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2000 - 2004

The reelection bid

1. The 2004 campaigns
Re:  Campaign financing information
Richard A. Oppel, Jr., New York Times, "Bush's Heaviest Hitters to Be Called Rangers," May 24, 2003.
--No byline, New York Times, "Bush's Pioneers," July 21, 2003.  (Those who have raised at least $100,000 for the Bush 2004 campaign.)
 Richard W. Stevenson & Adam Nagouney, New York Times, "Fund-Raising Push by Bush Will Put Rivals Far Behind," June 15, 2003.

Richard W. Stevenson, New York Times, "A Trusted Friend Leads Bush Campaign Fund-Raising Effort," (Mercer Reynolds III), June 21, 2003.

Richard W. Stevenson & Glen Justice, New York Times, "Bush Took in $130.8 Million in Political Contributions in 2003," January 8, 2004.

Glen Justice, New York Times, "Financial Firms Are Bush's Biggest Donors, Study Reports," January 9, 2004.

Political parties:
Democratic National Committee

Republican National Committee

--Howard Kurtz, Washington Post, "Oppo Man On the Attack:  The GOP's Tim Griffin:  Slamming the Democrats," February 16, 2003.

--Dan Kennedy, Boston Phoenix, "The GOP attack machine:  All who are not Bushies are evil," May 9-15, 2003.

--Adam Clymer, New York Times, "Buoyed by Resurgence, G.O.P. Strives for an Era of Dominance," May 25, 2003.

--David Rosenbaum, New York Times, "Bush Names Lobbyist as Leader of G.O.P.," June 17, 2003.

--Neal Gabler, Los Angeles Times, "Bush's Scorched-Earth Campaign," June 8, 2003.

--Jim VandeHei and Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post, "GOP's Power Play:  Goal of Reforms in House Gives Way To Tough Tactics Party Once Criticized," July 26, 2003.

--Richard W. Stevenson, New York Times, "G.O.P. Building Army of Volunteers to Get Out the Vote," December 20, 2003.

--Charlie Savage, Boston Globe, "Infiltration of files seen as extensive:  Senate panel's GOP staff pried on Democrats," January 22, 2004.




Los Angeles Times

New York Times

USA Today

Washington Post

2.  Bush-Cheney 2004
Richard W. Stevenson, New York Times, "Candidate Bush Files Papers for '04 Race," May 17, 2003.
* Paul Krugman, New York Times, "Standard Operating Procedure," June 3, 2003.
Mike Allen, Washington Post, "Bush Begins Drive for 2nd Term:  President Runs On Popularity as Economy Falters ," May 17, 2003.
* David Von Drehle, Washington Post, "Clinton Gives DLC a Plan for '04," May 16, 2003.
--Adam Nagourney, New York Times, "Centrist Democrats Warn Party Not to Present Itself as 'Far Left,'" July 29, 2003.
* Mike Allen, Washington Post, "Bush Fills Key Slots With Young Loyalists," May 29, 2003.
Elisabeth Bumiller, New York Times, "Preparing to Raise the Curtain on 2004," June 23, 2003.

Adam Nagourney, New York Times, "Bush, Looking to His Right, Shores Up Support for 2004," June 30, 2003.

Elisabeth Bumiller, New York Times, "Bush Offers Six-Point Plan for an Economic Recovery," September 5, 2003.

Maureen Dowd, New York Times, "The Politics of Self-Pity," March 14, 2004.


* Dana Milbank, Washington Post, "As 2004 Nears, Bush Pins Slump on Clinton," July 1, 2003.  (The GOP continues to blame Clinton for everything--and credit him with nothing.)

* President Bush's proposed 2004 budget.

--New York TimesComplete coverage of the budget debate.

--David E. Rosenbaum, New York Times, "A Tax Cut Without End," May 23, 2003.

--David Firestone, New York Times, "Congress Passes Tax Package, Sending It On to White House," May 24, 2003.

--Richard W. Stevenson, New York Times, "In Bush Math, Economy Equals Votes," May 25, 2003.
--Jonathan Weisman, Washington Post, "Congress Passes $350 Billion Tax Cut Bill," May 24, 2003.
--Jonathan Weisman, Washington Post, "A Payoff Now, Paying the Price Later," May 24, 2003.

--Dan Balz, Washington Post, "Bush's Fortunes Tied to Economy's," May 24, 2003.

--Washington Post: "What's in the Tax Cut," May 25. 2003.
--Dana Milbank, Washington Post, "Bush Signs $350 Billion Tax Cut Measure," May 29, 2003.
* E.J. Dionne, Jr., Washington Post, "Inevitably, The Politics of Terror," May 25, 2003.
--Project on Government Secrecy:  "Bush Administration Documents on Secrecy Policy."

Good riddance, George W. Bush,
who is intent on portraying himself as a misunderstood visionary
(January 19, 2009)

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