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1958 Topps
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Moldea v. New York Times
Chronology of Events

The Interim and Final Reports
of the Senate Rackets Committee


357th Fighter Group:  WWII Aces

DEM's Reports,
Responses & Retaliations

The JFK murder

On Hoffa, Marcello, Trafficante
and the JFK murder:

Crediting The Hoffa Wars
for saying it first

Fallout from the RFK murder case:

Praise for
The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy

     Moldea on the upcoming
50th anniversary of the murder

On O'Sullivan's "paranoid's paradise"

Response to the false 
charges made by Sirhan's stooge

Re:  "The Curious Case
of Dan Moldea" (RFK).

Godfrey Hodgson & Sirhan

Fallout from the Anthony Pellicano trial:

Moldea on Anita Busch's false charges:
"Anita is not telling the truth . . . 

Moldea on John Connolly's false charges:
"Connolly is being less than truthful . . .

Money, Politics, and Corruption
in U.S. Higher Education

Introduction by
Louis Clark

Excerpt from Part One:
Dr. Jon Oberg

Excerpt from Part Two:
David Halperin

Excerpt from Part Two:
Rod Lipscomb

Excerpt from Part Three
Dr. James Keen

Excerpt from Part Four
A conversation among whistleblowers

Fallout from the Clinton scandals:

Re: The Hunting of 
the President:  The Movie

Re:  Vince Foster's suicide


The White House had no
role in the Flynt Project

The 24 OIC leaks

Affidavit on OIC leaks (1998)

Affidavit on OIC leaks (2018)

DEM on Brett Kavanaugh and the OIC

Fallout from the Reagan scandals:

MCA Music & the Mafia

Ronald Reagan's 
grand jury testimony

Corrupting Ronald Reagan

The Bushes:

John Ashcroft's low road

Bush, China & hypocrisy

A mob payoff to Bush I?

The O.J. Simpson case:

Re:  Mark Fuhrman's lies

The 1994 Bronco chase:
Tom Lange-OJ Simpson drama

The NFL and the Mafia:

DEM:  Do the NFL owners want to control the gambling action on pro football?

Moldea v. New York Times:
Chronology of Events

Roger Simmons v. Ken Starr:
On Moldea v. New York Times

Exploiting the illegal gambling economy

The FBI & NFL Security

Sports-gambling glossary

The Jimmy Hoffa murder case:

Collection of DEM's online materials
about the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

Re: Rolland McMaster, 
Frank Sheeran, and Jimmy Hoffa

Who is Vinnie Ravo, and what did
he know about the Hoffa case?

Andy Petepiece on the
Sheeran/Brandt book

Anthony Zerilli and the Hoffa case

Turning thugs into heroes

The murder of Jimmy Hoffa

The Hoffa Wars (1978 excerpt in Playboy)

Various Mafia stories:

Bill Jahoda 
and the Chicago Outfit

Lowell Bergman & 60 Minutes

Rep. James Traficant

Joe Bonanno Revisited

Personal stories:

On the National Rifle Association (1987)

On the suicide of Jeane Palfrey

Re:  Attorney Roger Simmons

Moldea v. Safir

Honoring My Father



DEM:  MOBOLOGY on Substack

Jimmy Hoffa, Frank Cappola & PJP

Frank Cappola's sworn declaration
October 7, 2019

*     *     *

Dan E. Moldea
Facebook posts about Jimmy Hoffa
By date

2014 - present

Scott Burnstein, Gangster Report
"The search for Hoffa:  An update"
November 17, 2023

Tommy Canale, Before the Lights
Interview with DEM on Jimmy Hoffa
January 16, 2023

Jeff Burbank, The Mob Museum
"Latest Search for Jimmy Hoffa's Remains
Joins Long List of Fruitless Attempts"
September 9, 2022

Jack Goldsmith, Lawfare
"47 Years of Feckless Digging"
July 29, 2022

See DEM on YouTube,
reading his statement below
July 28, 2022

Dan Moldea:  Deadline Detroit
"Moldea:  'I Still Believe That
Jimmy Hoffa Was, Or Is
Buried in New Jersey
July 28, 2022

Michael Wilson, New York Times
"Search for Hoffa Under Jersey City
Bridge Came Up Empty, FBI Says
July 21, 2022

Ed White, Associated Press
"FBI:  No sign of Jimmy Hoffa
under New Jersey bridge
July 21, 2022

Dan E. Moldea
"On Eric Shawn of Fox News"
April 7, 2022

Dan E. Moldea
"On Phillip Moscato Jr."
February 28, 2022

Allan Lengel, Deadline Detroit
"Allan Lengel interviews FBI-SAC
Timothy Waters of the Detroit field office
December 7, 2021

Roger Schneider, Associated Press
"Theories in the disappearance
of Jimmy Hoffa" (excerpt)
November 25, 2021

Ted Shaffrey, Associated Press 
Video interview with DEM
"FBI looks in N.J. for Jimmy Hoffa's remains"
November 24, 2021

James Barron, New York Times
"A New Search for Jimmy Hoffa"
November 23, 2021

Michael Wilson, New York Times
Search for Jimmy Hoffa Leads
FBI to Jersey City Landfill
November 18, 2021

Dan E. Moldea, The Mob Museum
Part Three:  July 30, 2021

Scott Burnstein, The Mob Museum
"Following the Facts
August 4, 2020

Scott Burnstein, Gangster Report
"Hoffa hysteria"
July 31, 2020

Dan E. Moldea, Deadline Detroit
Is this enough evidence
to obtain  a search warrant for
Jimmy Hoffa's grave?
July 30, 2020

Dan E. Moldea, The Mob Museum
Here is the alleged unmarked
grave of Jimmy Hoffa

Part Two:  July 21, 2020

Dan E. Moldea, The Mob Museum
DEM on Frank Cappola and the alleged
location of Hoffa's remains (2019-2020)

Part One:  July 8, 2020

Debate:  The Mob Museum
"Dan Moldea, Eric Shawn, Vince Wade"
December 11, 2019

John Wisely, Detroit Free Press
"Search for Hoffa may have new lead,
expert has best tip ever in search for grave"
November 21, 2019

Dan E. Moldea,
 "Dan Moldea:  Has Jimmy
Hoffa's  grave been found?"
November 21, 2019

John Marzulli, New York Daily News
"New evidence emerges on Jimmy Hoffa's
possible fate, suggests feds were on
right track searching N.J. dum
July 30, 2015

Dan E. Moldea, Gang Land News
The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa:
40 years later

July 30, 2015


DEM Books and eBooks
including those with new Afterwords


DEM-Hoffa materials online

Playboy except:  The Hoffa Wars


Scribner edition

Rights reversion pending


DEM-Reagan materials online

MCA Music & the Mafia


DEM-NFL materials online

Moldea v. New York Times


Fourth edition:
The 50th anniversary

Chapter One



Dan E. Moldea

P.O. Box 32274
Washington, D.C.  20007






A collage, accompanying Moldea's November 1978 
article in Playboy about Jimmy Hoffa, by Kinuko Y. Craft   


A collage, featuring the covers of Dan 
Moldea's books, by Bethel Aniaku of Togo

  Fourth Edition

Special reports

Frank Sheeran, aka The Irishman,
threatens to sue Dan Moldea:  1979

Did Hoffa, Marcello, & Trafficante
kill President Kennedy?

A blatant attempt
to suppress The Hoffa Wars

The Hoffex Memo:  Unredacted

*     *     *

DEM on his investigation
of the RFK murder case


The Cesar polygraph

Excerpt:  DEM interviews Sirhan

DEM on YouTube

Confessions of a Guerrilla Writer

On the rise & fall of Jimmy Hoffa (1978)

Part 1 and Part 2

On Ronald Reagan,
MCA & the Mafia

On the NFL & and the Mafia

On the supposed death of the Mafia

On the murder of Robert Kennedy (1995)

Excerpt of DEM's
commencement address

On the suicide of Vincent Foster  (1998)
Part 1 and Part 2


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Thomson von Stein:

A History of Knowledge

A contentious sitdown about the
upcoming De Niro-Scorsese
film on Jimmy Hoffa


(l-r) Robert De Niro, Gus Russo
(in brown shirt), Dan Moldea

The Old Europe Restaurant
Washington, D.C.
December 2, 2014

(Photo credit:  Dale Myers)

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